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  • Living in Anaheim

    • City of Anaheim
    • City Entertainment
    • City Wine & Dine Spots
    • Career Education

    City Specs

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    Anaheim. The name alone connotes home. A mixture of "Ana" after nearby Santa Ana River and heim," from the German language which originally means home; Anaheim is where your southern California adventure starts. Definitely the perfect place to call HOME! The lively yet relaxed ambiance of Anaheim provides the perfect setting to a wide array of things to see and do in the city. Anaheim, a city in Orange County and part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area and home to more than 300,000 residents, is one of the most popular destinations in the United States. Theme parks, famous shopping centers, contemporary meeting venues and popular beach towns in the area make Anaheim and Orange County the perfect tourist destination, attracting thousands of visitors to the place, as well as new residents who can't get enough of the Anaheim experience, looking for comfortable and affordable homes to live in the city for them to be able to make the most of the Anaheim and Orange County experience.

    Things To Do
    • Disneyland
    • Muzeo Museum and Cultural Center
    • Bowers Museum
    • Katherine Norris
    • Fullerton Arboretum
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    Yes, the area around the home in Anaheim definitely gives you a lot of things to see and do. The Disneyland amusement park alone, with its characters, shows and rides based on the creations of Walt Disney and Disney Company, requires a lot of time out of the home door for the more than 300,000 residents and the thousands of visitors who troop the city. No worries if you're living in a comfortably modern and affordable Colony Frontera apartment. You get all the time in the world to go out and explore Disneyland and every exciting thing happening out of the Colony Frontera Apartment home door.

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    The Carnegie Library in Anaheim, California is a Carnegie library building built in 1908. The Classical Revival style building was designed by John C. Austin, and opened in 1909. It was a public library until 1963. During the 1970s it served as the personnel office for the City of Anaheim. It is now one of the buildings of the MUZEO, a museum of local culture, history and art. The Anaheim Carnegie Library was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. It is the only Carnegie library remaining in Orange County; others in Fullerton, Orange, Santa Ana, and Huntington Beach did not survive.

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    One of California's finest and Orange County's largest museums, the Bowers Museum after its closure in 1986, reopened in 1992 as a new cultural center and expanded children's programming with the Kidseum, as well as with the grand opening of the 30,000+ square-foot Dorothy and Donald Kennedy Wing, to answer the community's needs and input. Bowers Museum offers exhibitions, lectures, art classes, travel programs, children's art education programs and other special community programs. Definitely, the history buff in you has got a lot of things to explore in this Fullerton gem that sit close to the apartment home.

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    If you have a thing for paintings that best represent the strong artistic talents of America's early years, you have an additional reason to celebrate Colony Frontera Apartment home living. Celebrating the cool lifestyle the affordable apartment lease allows, you sure can go out of the home to explore Katherine Norris Fine Art, a private gallery that sits right at the heart of the Newport Beach Mariners Mile District. A treasure chest of 19th and early 20th century American and California paintings, Katherine Norris Fine Art showcases vast and highly-esteemed inventories of artworks of celebrated artists that include American genre scenes, portraiture and the unique American landscape. Stunning vistas, luminous seascapes, autumnal woodlands, forest interiors and radiant cityscapes on canvasses, apartment tenants like you exploring what lies just around the home, will find so much to delight in the gallery, as you make the most of the time and money saved from your cool Colony Frontera Apartment lifestyle.

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    The Fullerton Arboretum is a 26-acre botanical garden with a collection of plants from around the world, located on the northeast corner of the California State University, Fullerton campus in Fullerton, California, in the United States. It is the largest botanical garden in Orange County, with a collection of over 4,000 plants. The Arboretum saves species that are extinct or near extinction and serves as a learning place for agricultural history. The Arboretum officially was created in 1976, and officially opened in 1979. The arboretum, which was originally a diseased orange grove, was transformed into organic gardening plots. A centerpiece of the Arboretum is the Heritage House, which was built in 1894 as the home and office of Fullerton's pioneer physician, Dr. George C. Clark. In 1972 the house was moved to what is now the middle of the Arboretum. The restored house now serves as a museum of family life and medical practice of the 1890s. The Arboretum's garden paths wander through four major collections: Cultivated, Woodlands, Mediterranean and Desert Collections.

    Wine & Dine Spots

    • Cortina's Italian Market
    • Zankou Chicken
    • The Original Pancake House
    • Pizza Press
    • Baci Di Firenze Trattoria
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    If you are one delirious shopper, Anaheim and Orange County is a dream come true with an oasis of shopping centers that sell just about anything, and everything, from the latest and the most unique, to the casual and high fashion! Dining? With world-class restaurants to share the home with, you're sure to satisfy your cravings and your guests. Family-owned and operated Cortina's has built a reputation on fresh and quality food products that loyal customers and food lovers have relished and cherished since it first opened its doors in 1963, with traditional family recipes with the highest quality ingredients handed down from generation to generation.

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    Zankou Chicken offers 100% natural food and is committed to keep it that way. All natural, fresh and delicious chicken delivered to Zankou daily and 100% USDA Choice and the finest quality beef that didn't pass through cans, freezers, microwaves, preservatives and artificial ingredients. And bread baked fresh every morning. All this and much more from a company backed by more than 50 years of experience in serving excellent food.

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    The Original Pancake House offers a nationally-acclaimed unique and original menu of pancakes, drawn upon years of experience and extensive working knowledge on authentic national and ethnic pancake recipes. The finest and the freshest ingredients, from generations of family business that take pride in maintaining its high standards, resulting in food so outstanding it is gaining acclaim both locally and nationally. Wow! Just the thought that one of the more than a hundred franchises of The Original Pancake House lay close to the Colony Frontera Apartment in Anaheim is enough to make the mouth water. You still there? I'm sure you're out of the home door, on your way to The Original Pancake House.

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    New creations, old classics and your own pizza, yes the very rare chance to have your own creation, prepared right in front of you, Colony Frontera Apartment tenants will marvel at the Pizza Press experience. Roaring Twenties decor complete with unconventional newspapers from the yesteryear, whether dining in or taking it out, we're sure your Pizza Press experience is anything but the ordinary!

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    Baci Di Firenze Trattoria offers an unforgettable dining experience of authentic, fresh and high quality traditional dishes from Northern, Central and Southern Italy, in a restaurant that offers relaxation with a great sense of humor and soothing down-home ambiance. You're sure to try the Baci Di Firenze Trattoria dining experience the moment you make the move into your Colony Frontera Apartment. And you're sure to be coming back for more!

    Colleges / Universities

    • West Coast University
    • Anaheim University
    • South Baylo University
    • South Coast College
    • North Orange County Community College District
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    The need for excellent educational opportunities is also well addressed in this city you'll soon be calling home as you gear yourself ready to make the move into a Colony Frontera Apartment. West Coast University welcomes you to one of the most beautiful and well-equipped campuses that recruit only the best faculty and the most dedicated support team members, a place that makes you feel at home the moment you step in the door; surely, a place that lets you feel you're genuinely welcome, and with everything it has to help you succeed, surely you are!

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    Anaheim University pioneers in online education and provides excellent opportunities on higher learning for students from around the world via interactions with the most renowned experts in their fields, through its state-of-the-art online face-to-face learning environment that provides students excellent opportunities to further their knowledge and advance professional skills. Anaheim University is one asset that draws more residents to Anaheim, looking for comfortable homes to rent, with the likes of the cozy, modern and affordable Colony Frontera Apartment getting the top pick.

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    Highly specialized courses in allied health care fields offered by South Baylo University help students achieve professional excellence. You too, when you rent a Colony Frontera Apartment in Anaheim, get easy access to the opportunity for professional growth, excellence and a satisfying professional life offered by South Baylo University. Come, make the move.

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    In a traditional way, South Coast College continues to be a campus where students and staff interact in person. You can find the resources you’ll need to develop a successful career right on campus. Your experience is hands-on with the support from a network of professors and peers who will help motivate and guide you. The personal interactions within South Coast College help to shape the type of education you will receive. South Coast College offers its students the ability to make the training work. Education is not merely a personal goal. Working within the classroom structure creates long lasting relationships with peers and allows students to develop professional skills and adapt them to the workplace. The students at South Coast College will learn, train, achieve, and grow together, which is truly an invaluable experience. With so many career training options and schools to choose from, it can feel overwhelming when it comes time to make a decision about where to get your education. At South Coast College, we go over and above to make sure you get the right skills employers want, and the high quality training you need to pursue a successful and rewarding career.

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    The North Orange County Community College District is a community college district in Orange County, California that offers associate degrees and adult education certificates. It includes two colleges: Cypress College and Fullerton College.

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